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Principal's Message

Nurturing the futures of future has been my passion since my school days.Having from the quote "Education is the chief defense of a nation ". I started my livelihood journey from education sector and decided to impart education among the school children for the well being of our nation. I feel immense pleasure to be headed as the principal of the this unique institution.I extend my heartiest gratitude to the founders and the board members this school who enabled me to serve as the principal of this prestigious institution.I appeal to the existing and forthcoming stakeholders of this school to be supportive & cooperative in disciplined manner so that the school might be able to produce ideal and competent resources for the earth planet.This school is committed to inculcate high level sacramental values and technocratic education.The students of this learning temple are expected should assimilate the philosophy of education and try their best to follow the footprints of scholars and learned teachers.The stakeholders should not leave any stone unturned to glorify the reputation of this school.They should always try to imbibe sound character,good knowledge and great deeds in the society.The pious quote "VIDYA DADATI VINIYAM" reveals that the learners should be courteous after gaining knowledge.

My perception says that education the multifaceted process of socialization.Education acts as an integrative force in the society by cultivating the values.Indeed, in several respects schools close the doors of thousands of prisons and open the door to gain virtue and knowledge. It has been rightly said by Confusious that "Education builds confidence,Confidence gives hope and hope gives peace".


With Regards
Raja Ram Chourasiya